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This short documentary gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes of Brabus, who have been tuning and modifying Mercedes-Benz vehicles for over 50 years.

In 1977, Bodo Buschmann and Klaus Brackmann founded Brabus, which has become one of Germany's premium aftermarket customizers and the largest tuner of Mercedes-Benz vehicles after Mercedes-AMG. 

Back then, German law required at least two people to establish a company, but Brackman had no interest in modifying vehicles or running the business. Soon, he sold his shares to Buschmann for just 100 euros.

Today, the company does modifications to the entire Mercedes range, including Maybach and Smart. Clients can either supply their own vehicle or purchase one brand new from Brabus with all the modifications already installed.

Brabus does everything, from tuning the engine for more horsepower to creating cosmetic modification in-house. These include items like full bodykits and custom ally wheels. They also have a selection of uprated braking and exhaust systems, racing limited-slip differentials and engine remapping, plus, they'll make custom components for the interior too.

The Bottrop company work on a variety of engines, from the small 2-litre 200hp K4 block in the C-Class to the twin-turbo V12 900hp motor in the S-Class. Almost all of the custom parts are created in the factory to the highest standards to maintain reliability. The sheer attention to detail given to each and every part and process is astounding.

Brabus doesn't just work on modern vehicles, they also have a Classics department that will restore any classic Mercedes to showroom quality, with legendary Gullwing's going for millions of euros. Their six-star restoration criteria make sure these old-school gems live gloriously again.

This documentary by Welt is incredibly detailed, showcasing every department and their skilled employees, combining modern-day technology with hand-made class. If you love seeing how companies like this create some of the most powerful and luxurious customised vehicles in the world, then I suggest you hit the play button below immediately!

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