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Everything from opening the car door to actual driving can be done wrong. However, these easy hacks were developed to prevent any trouble along the way and to help you, or your other half, be an amazing vehicle owner and driver.

We all have had troubles with our car, including other things car related. If it is losing your key, or forgetting to change those old dusty wipers and now you have to face a stormy day, we've all been there. Maybe you want some new features added but just can’t afford it, or your spouse isn't a petrolhead and can't tell a Ferrari 488 from a Nissan 300ZX. Well, stress no longer, for these (sometimes cheesy, tongue-in-cheek) hacks will definitely do the trick.

1. Have you swung your door open too fast too many times now? By using your hand that is opposite from the door will help you from opening up a car door to suddenly. This will avoid that scratches on you and your neighbour's car door. 



2. Are you always losing your key? And worse, do you have a remote key, that containes the spare key inside? By keeping the two apart will save you from that. Remove the spare key from the remote and store in a safe place where you can find it when needed. 


3. Waking up in the middle of the winter and having to go to work, what can be worse? Well, waking up in the cold morning with a frozen windshield that your sruggling to defrost is worse. If geography has taught us anything, it will definitely be to park your car facing east on cold days – that will help defrost your windshield in moments. 


4. If you thought toothpaste was just meant for your teeth, well, your wrong. Not only does toothpaste bring freshness too your breath, it is also an amazing tool to brighten and clean your headlights. 


5. In need of toiletpaper for your kid, or maybe for a urgent pit stop, and never managing to find it in the car? With some hooks you will always be able to find it. 

Don't be the person without toiletpaper. 


6. Getting stuck in a car may not be all that fun. If you have an accident and you can't manage to get out, what are you going to do? 

Keep a glasscutter safely stored somewhere in arms reach.  


7. Wipers not working 100% in the cold mornings? Keep them warm and ready for action with old warm socks.


8. An old sock can also do the magic when it comes to cleaning your headlights – with the toothpaste. 


9. If your car visor is to short – no problem. You can just extend it very easily. 


10. Is it hot on the road but your air-conditioning is not working? And do you have some PVC pipe maybe lying around? Build your own cooling system for a very low price. 


11. Are you always losing your car in a parking lot, not remembering where on Earth you parked it? Jazz up your antena by adding a creative piece which will make it much easier to find. 


12. Going to the mall and losing your parking ticket can be such a mission. Don't lose your ticket, rather place it in the CD slot in your car, still sticking halfway out. If your car is new and doesn't have a CD player... well... then you've probably got enough money to pay the fine.


13. Did you know that you can make your car comfortable for a power nap? The headrest can be taken out and adjusted into a comfy pillow. 


14. Prevent that awful backpain on long drives with a cushion and a yoga brick.

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My favourite CAR HACK 🚘 We are not designed to sit for extended periods of time esp when our knees are higher than our hips which is the way bucket seats in cars are sadly designed. This position tightens our hip flexors and puts strain on our lower back. I worked out through trial and error many years ago that the cause of my lower back pain was the bucket seat in my car. I simply placed a yoga brick topped with a squishy thin cushion to elevate my hips to higher than my knees and presto my lower back pain disappeared!! I’ve experimented with removing the height over the years and the lower back pain returns the very next day if I’ve been driving for any length of time (so no it’s not just “in my head”). There are many causes of lower back pain but if you’ve tried everything else don’t rule out the ergonomics of your car seating position. Other lifestyle factors that significantly reduced osteo skeletal pain in my body include 1-2 cups per day of gelatinous bone broth, dialling up nutrient density in all my food and removing all dietary toxins, fascia release (roller + ball), iyengar yoga, walking, and a standing desk, to name a few. Hope this helps someone. #carhacks #backpain #movement

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And last but not least... 

Don't waste money on fixing some dents and scratches – rather get creative! 

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