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The forgotten car game, Carmageddon, brings back some good memories.

The year is 1997 and you're staying up late on a Friday night with your mates, jamming some good old PlayStation 1, slam in the Carmageddon game disk, blow out the dust of the 128-kilobyte memory card you hope managed to save your last race, and then finally let the games begin!

Carmageddon was a driving combat game, and the whole point was to destroy your opponent's car before they destroy you. Looking back at a game like the first Carmageddon will leave you surprised at how we could have possibly played games that were so terrible in graphics, handling and storyline in comparison to today.

Yet, we arguably can all say that games back then were so much more fun, but the answer to that is no, because you were perhaps younger and had fewer worries, and that seemed like those games were more fun. The truth is that games back then were simple, there was no need to apply for a bank loan to buy the game, then when you want to play it for the first time, it had to download hundreds of gigabytes to bring it up-to-date. Then, finally, you're good to go. Furthermore, in games like Carmageddon, multiplayer was as simple as plug and play, nowadays you usually only have the ability to play with friends online, the whole split-screen gameplay has almost been eradicated.

Unfortunately, they don't make games like the original Carmageddon anymore, and if this is before your time, don't worry, catch up by watching the 1997 Carmageddon review in the video below.

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