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It's time for you to watch the legend, Akira Nakai-San, build another RWB. This time, it's a 1997 Porsche 911 993 being modified in Portland, Oregon.

If you don't know who Akira Nakai-San is, then find out more about him in this story. For those that already know him, you already know he's famous for some incredible Rauh-Welt modified Porsche's.

He creates one-off body kits for customers all around the world... mostly by hand! In the video below, by Poisoned Studios, Nakai-San lays his hands on this superb blue, wide-body example that's already had a lot of work done to it.

According to their YouTube channel; "It has a Rothsport built 3.8 with an upgraded gearbox. Wheels by Vossen, Tires by Nitto, Exhaust by Borla, suspension by KW, seats by Bride, headlamps by The RetroFit Source. Paint and body by Sandy Auto Body. And of course assistance and preassembly by 503 Motoring."

And, now it has a masterclass craftsman's loving touch to it. Hit play and see Nakai-San turn this 911 into an RWB Porsche.

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