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Chris Harris gives his opinion on the new M4 and M3 Touring, as well as their excessively large kidney grilles.

Top Gear co-host, Chris Harris, sat down for a chat about the current lineup of BMW's and, more specifically, the new M4, M3 and the rather unexpected BMW M3 Touring.

Chris Harris first gives his impressions on the news that BMW is going to officially bring out a Touring version of the BMW M3. He states that it is very rare for BMW to hop on the estate sportscar market as, first of all, when BMW does bring them out they tend to be a bit flawed yet very memorable. BMW only brought out one M3 Touring which belonged to the E46 range, and have never released one since. Secondly, Harris explains that BMW's two main rivals, Mercedes and Audi, have always "owned" the touring market, and BMW's sportscar range appealed more towards performance and not practicality, like with Audi's RS4 Estate and Mercedes' C63 Estate.

However, Harris mentioned that he is indeed over the moon about BMW's announcement that they will be bringing the new M3 out in an Estate body.

During the discussion, the question about the new M3's excessively large kidney grilles had to be brought up with Harris, to which he replied that they are indeed ugly as sin, but it will be an easy fix with the help of the aftermarket parts industry, regardless of how much of an insult it would be to the designer.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Top Gear, on Chris Harris - New BMW M4 & M3 Touring - Top Gear.

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