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A pitstop is a crucial part of many different types of motorsport. Here, we compare pitstops across them.

How effective and efficient a pitstop is in motorsport can make or break the outcome for a driver and a race team. A slight hiccup in a pitstop can either deny victory or seal the deal, regardless of how well the driver performs whilst on the track.

How pitstops take place in any given motorsport relies heavily on the rules and regulations from the governing body, such as the FIA in Formula 1. The governing body determines everything, from how many mechanics can be a part of the pit crew and whether or not refuelling is allowed during a race, right through to whether or not certain repair jobs and even what types of tools are allowed to be used during a pitstop.

And all of this, plus endless hours of practice determines the speed at which a pitstop can take place and, like anything in motorsport, each millisecond counts!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Autosport, on Comparing Pitstops Across Different Types Of Motorsports.

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