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Date: 2017-11-20

Dallara Stradale Launches Its First Ever Road Car 2

Dallara Stradale Launches Its First Ever Road Car 3

Dallara Stradale Launches Its First Ever Road Car 4

Italian chassis manufacturer, Dallara, has unveiled its first ever road car; the Stradale. Founded in 1972, the Emilia-Romagna-based company has successfully produced chassis for various motor racing series, however, the Stradale marks the first occasion that the brand has released a road legal vehicle of its own. 

The car can be customized to suit a variety of requirements. It can be configured as a roadster with the addition of a windshield or a Targa top with the introduction of a T-frame. With the addition of two gull wing doors, the care becomes a coupé, and there is an optional rear wing that provides enough downforce for the car to be used on the track too. 

The level of customization does not end there. Adjustable suspension can also be installed, allowing the car to sit lower to the ground for track days and guaranteeing a higher degree of comfort in any driving condition.

The Dallara Stradale features a six-speed manual transmission, with the potential for an optional paddle-shift system to minimize the time between shifting. Weighing just 855kg – a result of the extensive use of composite materials and carbon fibre – the vehicle has been designed to handle like a true race car. 

Capable of delivering 400 horsepower, the car's supercharged 4-cylinder powertrain includes an electronic control system developed in collaboration with Bosch.

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