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The dudes from DDE shower their 1000hp Hummer H1 in attention by giving it a full rebuild by Predator Inc.

A new DDE vlog by stand-ins for Dave and Damon, from the famous automotive enthusiast YouTube channel called Daily Driven Exotics, shows the progress on their DDE Hummer H1, which is being built by Predator Inc.

The DDE Hummer H1 has had a lot of work, modifications and upgrades, done to it in the past, but the time has come to give it the full attention it deserves. The DDE Hummer H1 will receive a full new paint job which, as the Dave and Damon extras explain, is much more difficult on a Hummer H1 than you might think... and especially this DDE Hummer H1. They have to start by stripping the Hummer H1 down by taking all the panels and doors off, taking the windows out as well as the side mirrors, the bumpers, a large chunk of the interior as well as taking the canvas roof cover off which was moulding.

Furthermore, the Dave and Damon imposters show some damage that was caused by doing stunts with the DDE Hummer H1 which is also going to be repaired. One of the fabricators from Predator Inc pointed out a dent in the inside of the wheel arch which was caused by the tyre on the landing of a huge jump. He said he has never seen that happened before, which just goes to show how much this abuse this DDE Hummer H1 has taken, but in the same breath, that is exactly what a Hummer H1 is designed for!

The canvas roof cover was broken, moulding and let rainwater in by the bucket load. So much in fact, that the audio amplifier that was under the seat got completely soaked and will have to be replaced as well, together with a new canvas roof that is hopefully fully waterproof and rain resistant.

After the DDE Hummer H1 got stripped down, the Dave and Damon substitutes couldn't resist taking the 1000hp Hummer out for a quick spin and lose a bit of traction while doing donuts!

We surely can expect a few update videos soon on the DDE Hummer H1 build by Predator Inc. So keep your eyes peeled!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Daily Driven Exotics (DDE), on the progress of the DDE Hummer H1 build by Predator Inc.

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