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Not content with slaying tyres, DDE upgrades their house and headquarters too. Their neighbours are going to love them...

As we all know by now, the DDE (that's Daily Drive Exotics for the noobs) boys are a handful. They love to slay tyres on their ever-expanding collection of supercars, and just bring joy to petrolheads who live vicariously through them.

They've never had a home base though, so, with the help of their friend at August Motor Cars, they found a property. It not only is the new home for Damon and his family but also has a massive garage that DDE can call home too.

The house itself is beautiful, with amazing views, but the DDE Headquarters in the back is the real star of the show. With enough space to accommodate multiple vehicles and equipment, we can expect a lot of great content to come out of there. The best part? A thousand dollars goes to the first person to park a car in the pool!

So, with all of that said, it's time for you to check it out yourself. Smash the play button below and enjoy. Ahh... the life of the 'other half'... sigh...

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