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YouTuber buys a dealership and sells cars from as little as $2, and the reactions were absolutely priceless, to say the least.

In the crazy ever-growing world of YouTubers, creators are always trying to come up with video concepts that really get viewers engaged as much as possible, from a simple innocent prank, right through to destroying a brand new Apple iPhone.

This time around, YouTube channel "MrBeast" (24 Million subscribers) decided to try a social experiment where they bought over a car dealership along with its entire inventory. According to sources, the dealership was not doing particularly well and settled for a relatively low price on the offer.

The guys from MrBeast YouTube channel wanted to find out how quickly they could sell each and every car out of the car dealerships inventory with their goal being to sell each car by the end of the day. The catch though was that each car would sell for no more than $13, some cars they offered the buyer good money for. The reactions of the customers were completely priceless, and as expected: some didn't believe their luck! Take a look at the view below and let us know your thoughts and comments.

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