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In the controversial world of car modification, aero or widebody kits are now more popular than ever amongst street cars. The two top custom kit manufacturers, arguably, are Veilside and Pandem, with the latter being the parent company of Rocket Bunny.

And, as often as the name "Rocket Bunny" is thrown around in car talk, where did it all start?

As you probably guessed, Rocket Bunny started off in Japan. But much further back in time than you might have guessed...

In the early 1980s, a street racing rebel by the name of Kei Miura was at the forefront of the Japanese underground Bosozoku scene. Kei explains that, around that time and at the age of 22, he got a job designing parts for the rides at Disneyland Japan, which taught him everything he knows about CAD software and fabricating fibreglass.

Kei's love for cars never died and, in his spare time, he would use his CAD and fabrication knowledge to make aero kits for his car. He even fabricate kits for a few clients on the side.

However, during this time, Kei Miura received an eight-year ban from driving on the public roads of Japan for too many speeding fines and reckless driving, but Kei didn't give up his dreams. During his eight-year ban, he went on to perfect his craft in widebody fabrication full-time. To his advantage, the JDM tuner culture was about to explode.

Today's Rocket Bunny kits are named after Kei's product line that he developed in the 1990s under the name TRA-Kyoto. The name Pandem was given to the US division as a parent company for copyright issues.

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