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Date: 2018-12-05

The SXdrv boys are on their way to Hartbeespoort Dam to meet up with the lovely Maya Mia but, with Part 1 ending with Chris poking around under the bonnet, will they make it? Let's find out.

So, just to recap, in Part 1 of the SXdrv Drive-By-Wire episode, Chris, Roscoe and Mike were tasked to arrive at a meeting spot with an Audi TT each. Once there, the crew issued them with a challenge, to don tutu's and tiaras and get themselves a cup of tea on their way to meet a prospective model, Maya Mia, at the Hartbeespoort Cable Way.

We catch up with them on the side of the road, somewhere en route to the Magaliesburg mountains, where Chris has discovered the problem of his Audi TT's diminished power – a loose boost pipe.

With time running out to make it to the meeting point on time, will the boys manage to get back on the road, find that elusive cup of tea, dodge Harley Davidson riders and finally meet Maya Mia? Well, hit the play button to find out!

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