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Date: 2018-12-30

Team SXdrv has managed to survive the Tea, Tiara and Tutu challenge, met with the lovely Maya Mia, organised a terrific beast of a car, and Joburg's Zwartkop's raceway has agreed to let us do a photoshoot there – it seems like everything is coming together – welcome to episode 4.

It's the second-last instalment of SXdrv's Drive-By-Wire and it's time for a fun day out. With all the protagonists in place, including Maya, an incredibly sexy Lamborghini and a petrolhead haven in the shape of Zwartkop's Raceway, Team SXdrv are ready to roll! But, is it about to be smooth sailing for a change or will there be a curve ball to make things interesting?

Well, the best way to find out is to click play below and follow Mike, Roscoe and Chris as they set their sights on yet another glorious production for the SXdrv catalogue of South Africa's most gorgeous babes.

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