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The replica Tesla CyberTruck ended up being far stronger than the real car! Here is the first drive.

Tech YouTuber, Linus Tech Tips, paid a visit to the studio of the YouTube channel, The Hacksmith, who are best known for creating real-life working gadgets from movies such as Iron Man, Star Wars, James Bond and many many more!

During the visit, the half-size Tesla CyberTruck replica caught Linus's eye and he had to take it for a quick spin... and it works! What's very interesting though, is that Linus got offered to try smash one of the windows with a steel ball, like what happened at the actual Tesla CyberTruck unveiling. But, this time, the windows didn't shatter at all! Linus also swung a sledgehammer at the body panels and couldn't make a dent!

The Hacksmith then confessed that their CyberTruck replica cost more than the real CyberTruck itself!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel: Linus Tech Tips on I Drove The Replica Tesla CyberTruck - The Hacksmith's Crazy Studio.

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