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Ex-Cannonball Run record holder, Ed Bolian, goes through his top 10 car stories.

Ed Bolian is a legend. In 2013, he set the record for crossing America in the Cannonball Run, which he discusses in this article. But there's so much more to this man than just one title.

He has a YouTube channel called VINwiki, which you may have heard of considering it has over 1.23-million subscribers. Over the years, he has shared more than 100 stories about his antics in the car industry, including his Cannonball Run story.

This time, he's put together a compilation of the ten most popular stories from his collection on the channel. The criteria were simple, which videos received the most views and likes.

With that said, the list looks like this:

10 - The most INSANE test drive ever 

09 - My most profitable flip ever 

08 - I bought a Lamborghini from a prostitute 

07 - Why Arkansas is the worst state to speed in 

06 - A Craigslist Bentley deal got me into a lawsuit 

05 - Mama says unwind the Maserati deal 

04 - How I got my dream Lambo for FREE! 

03 - VINwiki found another stolen Lambo 

02 - My Lamborghini got crashed and my Ferrari got stolen on the SAME DAY! 

01 - VINwiki found 2 stolen Lambos


It's a great way to pass the time, so sit back, relax, press the play button below and enjoy Ed Bolian's Top 10 car stories.

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