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Dad lets his Kid of eleven years of age do a mad burnout in his Cadillac CTS-V with over 700hp, and the results are crazy.

When you're an eleven year old kid with a big passion for cars, it is sometimes really frustrating knowing that you still got so many years to go before you can legally get yourself a set of wheels and become a part of the car culture lifestyle, sharing your passion with others. For the time being, all you can drive are your unlocked modified cars on your PlayStation.

Unless you got the best dad ever, like the one this video below. This kid's father let him get behind the wheel of his Cadillac CTS-V to do the best burnout he can in the 700hp monster! As you can probably tell from the amount of smoke and the length of the tyre marks on the road, it was a big one!

Back in the day, there was little to no way of reliving these incredible moments. Now with platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, you can share your best "hold my beer" moments with your friends, family and quite frankly, the world! This kid sure has some huge bragging rights now.

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