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Volkswagen has the reputation of making some of the best selling cars of all time which include the Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen Bus as well as the Volkswagen Golf. In 1976, Volkswagen offered a performance-orientated variant of the Golf which they named the GTI, and thus a legend was born!

Fast forward 45 years and we are now on the 8th generation of the Golf GTI and it still remains one of Volkswagens best-selling cars of all time.

Each generation GTI that got released offered slightly more power, additional features and luxuries to keep up with the times. Here are all the Golf GTI generations and their respective power figures:

  • 1976 Golf GTI mk1 - 81kw
  • 1983 Golf GTI mk2 - 95kw
  • 1992 Golf GTI mk3 - 85kw
  • 1997 Golf GTI mk4 - 132kw
  • 2006 Golf GTI mk5 - 147kw
  • 2009 Golf GTI mk6 - 154kw
  • 2012 Golf GTI mk7 - 162kw
  • 2021 Golf GTI mk8 - 180kw

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