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Take a look at these extinct car features that were actually cool.

As the years go by, new car features are introduced while others are retired, and usually for good reason. Let us take a look at some car features that have gone extinct, but were actually cool to have!

1: Suicide doors. Today, suicide doors are reserved only for some of the most exclusive and luxurious cars but, back in the 1930s, they were commonplace, and actually really cool!

2: Gated Shifters. Gated shifters are practically non-existent in modern cars nowadays but, back in the 90s and early 2000s, most supercars came standard with them – until they were all replaced with automatics and dual-clutch systems. One thing that we miss from gated shifters was the sound of changing gears in the cabin!

3: Full-sized Spare Wheels. If you're lucky enough to even have a car with a spare wheel, chances are that the spare is a tiny, lighter weight temporary wheel. It's just designed for your to drive slowly to a tyre shop to have the original one replace. But, back in the day, it was common to have a 5th wheel that was identical to your standard four.

4: The Bench Seat. We understand that bench seats were not necessarily safe, but there was something rather homely, comforting and classic about them.

5: Hood Ornament. Back in the day, something as common and run-of-the-mill as a Chevrolet had a large hood ornament which resembled something special. Even Mercedes Benz's and Jaguar's have done away with them.

6: Loud Indicator Beeps. Cars used to have far louder indicator clicks and or beeps, which were annoying, but that was way better than feeling like a complete fool when you realise you have been driving around for some time already with your indicator still on.

7: Pop Up Headlights. This is probably the one most car enthusiasts feel the strongest about. Pop up headlights are so nostalgic, we still wish a modern car would include them just once more.

8: Car Phones. Believe it or not, car phones have been around since 1946! And, even up until the 1990s, if you had one, you were legit! There have been so many stories about people just pretending to use the phone whilst sitting in traffic simply to show off!

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