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Take a look at NASCAR champion, Jimmie Johnson, swop cars with F1 champion, Fernando Alonso.

NASCAR and F1 both have their individual stamps on motorsport history, however, each one is vastly different and come with their own set of challenges and skill.

F1 champion, Fernando Alonso, started his career in F1 in 2001 with the Minardi racing team. Since then, he has won 32 races, 22 pole positions and was the first Spanish F1 driver to win the World Championship.

NASCAR driver, Jimmie Johnson, has won a total of 84 NASCAR races, 83 of which were in the NASCAR Cup Series.

Both professional race drivers are known as legends in their sport, so their race teams and sponsors arranged a publicity stunt at the Bahrain International Circuit in the Middle East, where both Jimmie Johnson and Fernando Alonso would have their go at swopping cars. Jimmie Johnson would take out Fernando Alonso's McLaren F1 car for a couple of Laps and Alonso would take Johnson's NASCAR car out for a spin.

Both cars are incredibly different to one another. The F1 car is much lower in torque but exceptionally high in top speed and downforce, and the NASCAR is powerful in the torque department's lower end but lacks in grip at higher speeds.

Needless to say, both of them had a terrific day out! Take a look at the video below on McLaren's YouTube channel.

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