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The technical advisor of the Fast & Furious movies, Craig Lieberman, answers our question as to whether or not there is a good reason for why the Veilside Tokyo Drift Nissan 350Z only has graphics on one side. As it turns out, there is!

We actually built a tribute Tokyo Drift 350Z car ourselves, which you can check out here, after studying the movie car in-depth, breaking down each and every single detail as much as we could. However, when it came to the decal design, we figured out that the movie car only had graphics on the one side. And, regardless of which forum and sources we came across, no one could give us a straight answer as to why that was?

So, we hopped onto Craig Lieberman's Live Instagram video, took matters into our own hands and asked the man himself!

We asked him: "Was there a reason why the Tokyo Drift 350Z only had graphics on one side or was that just the vibe?"

To which Craig Lieberman replied: "This has to be the question of the day: Was there a reason why the Tokyo Drift 350Z only had graphics on one side or was that just the vibe? Basically, they were thinking that if you put graphics on the driver's side, and the steering wheel is on the wrong side of the car, you're drawing more attention to that side".

Take a look at the live Instagram video below by Craig Lieberman, and fast forward to around 30:15 in, to find the answer to our question for Craig:

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