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What makes the new Ferrari SF90 Stradale so special and different from other Ferrari offerings?

The world is moving towards electric automotive technology, whether it is a fully electric system or at least a plug-in hybrid system. Whether we like it or not, this is the way of the future and Ferrari recognises that fact, so they've created a whole new supercar with electric technology in mind. What they came up with is the new Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

Ferrari introduced minor electric technologies in their flagship Ferrari, the La Ferrari, but it couldn't have been considered a plug-in hybrid and was far from an electric car as well. Ferrari took a huge step forward with the introduction of their Ferrari SF90 Stradale, considering just two years earlier, they stated that the company would never make an electric car.

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale is a plug-in hybrid V8 twin-turbo, and what's even more interesting is that the SF90 Stradale is now Ferrari's halo car, and is here to demonstrate the future of the company. In this case, it means that Ferrari is taking the world of electric supercars much more seriously.

Take a look at the Donut Media video on YouTube channel titled, The Ferrari SF90 Stradale – The Science Explained.

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