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Here are four struggles every low car guy experiences.

Lowering your car is one of the most noticeable and visually impactful mods you can ever do to your car. It gives you that aggressive stance that separates your car from the standard commuters, and commands respect at car meets. But, aside from that, there are some serious struggles you have to accept and live with. Yeah, there are of course alternative options that will eliminate most of these struggles, such as air suspension, but this more about lowering your car the traditional way with lowering springs and coilovers.

Here are four struggles low car guys experience:

1) Speed Humps: There have been numerous times that guys with slammed cars try to avoid all routes that have speed humps as they really destroy your driving experience and, sometimes, the car as well!

2) Traffic Lights: Lower cars give you a different perspective, not only on life but in road visibility as well. People who don't have slammed cars will never understand that feeling when you pull up to a red light and stop a bit too far ahead. Doing so prevents you from seeing the lights!

3) Blind To See What's Ahead: Lowering your car won't necessarily make you blind to see what's approaching, but say goodbye to looking through the rear windshield of the car in front of you to see what's ahead of them. You can forget about having that viewpoint in a lowered car.

4) Stiff Ride: The worst thing by a mile in a lowered car is you sacrifice any form of comfort. Your suspension has little play or dampening, so you'll be bouncing up and down on regular roads, if it's a bad road, you'll hate that even more!

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