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Take a look at gamer misconceptions about cars in the real world.

First of all, this is not to bash or make fun of gamers, as a lot of new car enthusiasts start their interest in cars from gaming, and that's fantastic!

But we see it over and over again that some arrogant racing gamers insist that they know how cars work, whether it's the physics, performance, aerodynamics or what the best cars for racing are.

Here are 5 common gamer misconceptions about cars:

Bugatti Veyron – Some gamers are convinced that the Bugatti Veyron is the best car in the world. Well, it's very hard to distinguish what the best car is. The Veyron, as spectacular and impressive as the real-life car is, its not particularly good at anything besides going fast in a straight line.

Drifting is the best way to corner – Drifting in car games is as common as changing gears these days, and the game developers know that people want to drift. They have designed the games in such a way that you have to drift around every corner in order to make the turn. But, in reality, drifting will slow you down and never give you a good lap time, not to mention, overheat your car and wear out your slick tyres.

Keyboards are better than controllers – In the overall sense, the keyboard offers way more than controllers do, but for car racing games that is not the case. Keyboard button are either on or off, there is no fine control or feathering abilities. So even though it is technically possible to play games with a keyboard, you're much better off with a controller.

Performance – Non-car enthusiastic games usually assume that horsepower is king and that makes your car go faster, and in arcade based racing games that is the case. But, simulator racing games and real-life is much different. There are factors such as aerodynamics, suspension, tyres, brakes, weight reduction, fuel mixture and many more factors as well that work together to ensure a much faster lap time than just power alone.

All wheel drive is king – Again, all-wheel-drive cars offer completely different advantages to front- and rear-wheel-drive cars, but that doesn't mean they are necessarily better. All-wheel-drive offers better traction when putting the power down to the road, and is a very popular option in rally and off-road racing. But, all-wheel-drive cars won't be a great option for drifting, and even drag racing, as they tend to be much heavier than front- or rear-wheel-drive cars.

And now we know, weight is your enemy!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Bladed Angel, on 5 Gamer Misconceptions About Cars.

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