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How this gold plated Delorean became an '80s nightmare.

This gold plated Delorean was one of the rarest cars at the time, and was an icon for ultimate luxury in the '80s. Unfortunatley, it became the worst failure in the history of DeLorean.

And yes, as you probably guessed it, this is the Back To The Future car. It's without the Flux-Capacitor though, and rather, in with a 24 Karat gold paint job straight from the factory!

But, this doesn't answer the questions as to why the Delorean Motor Company, or DMC, died a horrible death. CEO John Delorean used to work for Pontiac, and once he gained his knowledge, he left and started his own car company called DeLorean Motor Company. He knew how to run a company, he knew his market, and knew exactly how to make a sports car that "sounded like" they could rival Ferrari's at the time.

However, small signs started to show that the company was getting a bit greedy in their pricings. To put things into perspective, the gold plated DeLorean went for $85,000, and the far better performing Ferrari 308 was retelling for just $55,000. Furthermore, the DeLorean only made around 130 horsepower from it's rather heavy, rear-mounted and unconventional 2.85L V6, and an embarrassing 0-60 seconds time of 10.5 seconds!

The company was planning on manufacturing 100 samples of the gold plated DeLorean but only managed to make three before the factory plant shut down due to DMC not making enough revenue to cover costs.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Donut Media, on the gold plated Delorean.

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