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As much as Hawaii is an American state, it's not the first place you would expect to have an old-school JDM car scene. Well... it does!

This is probably the first time I've ever typed out the word Hawaii in a motoring story, and what a pleasure it is to do. I realise that here, in sunny South Africa – which is almost exactly on the other side of the Earth to Hawaii – the rest of the world may not know about our small car culture, but who knew JDM car culture was so popular on a tiny island in the central Pacific.

Larry from Hoonigan's AutoFocus takes us on a trip to the lovely island for a charity car show where, besides the customary American muscle cars, the Japanese vehicles really make an impression.

From sleepers to drift cars and everything in between, these Hawaiians really love their cabbies. Custom builds with flair and a love for all things motoring make for a great video. The best thing you can do today is to click on the video below and get your fix of Hawaii's best JDM old-school car scene.

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