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For the past few years, Mercedes AMG Petronas has absolutely dominated F1. But why? Well, Jeremiah from Donut Media had the same question, and this is what he had to say about it.

Ever since the beginning of the V6 turbo hybrid era of Formula One in 2014, Mercedes has dominated, winning all six seasons back to back. As it stands, the 2020 season looks like it'll be another trophy in the cabinet for the Silver Arrows too.

Yes, they do have extremely talented drivers in Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas, the latter replacing Nico Rosberg in 2017. But other teams also have talent, like Ferrari with four-time Formula One World Champion, Sebastian Vettel.

The difference is that Mercedes clearly has a superior racing car, and this is the focus of Donut Media presenter, Jeremiah, in the video below. 

He discusses, in-depth, the intricacies and science behind airflow and aerodynamics. He talks us through every element of the vehicle, from nose to tail, explaining every detail and how it affects and directs the air. 

He goes on to explain the benefits of the Merc's longer wheelbase, their ingenious cooling systems for the wheels and brakes, and how their Dual-Axis Steering (or DAS) system works.

Jeremiah also describes to us how Mercedes has installed the turbos on their 900hp engine, and why they have a unique hybrid system. Also, why their relationship with Petronas is so beneficial for their performance and why they can extract more power with less fuel.

There's all of this and a bag of chips in Jeremiah's video, so if you want to learn something new today, then smash that play button and enjoy the show.

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