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Drivers on the East Bay freeway near San Francisco had to contend with more than just a little traffic on Saturday night. This dashcam footage shows the moment a single-engine Cessna passed the car of the Greer family overhead, on approach to making an emergency landing on the busy road.

The plane had developed a fuel pump problem shortly before the plane reached the pilot’s intended final destination of Hayward Executive Airport, having flown to the Bay Area from Lake Tahoe. According to the Greers, the pilot appeared to hold the plane over the road and wait for a sufficient gap in the traffic to open up, before making the emergency landing.

We're pretty sure all the motorists on the freeway were quite relieved after the experienced pilot managed to put the plane down swiftly and safely on the road, and managed to get the plane off to the side as soon as possible without any complication whatsoever.

To much surprise, landing a plane on a highway is perfectly legal in a case of emergency.

Imagine seeing this happen right in front of you, what would your first thoughts be?

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