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Over the last week or so, if you're into motorsport, you'll probably have a seen how the Covid-19, or more commonly named, Coronavirus, has caused drastic interruptions in motorsport, and it's not close to over.

In motorsport as a whole, the main thing that keeps the cars on the track is funding. Predominantly from sponsorships and broadcasting but, like most other sporting events, it brings the masses into a public space, which is great for the Coronavirus but not so good for us. Sports organisers have to work closely with the new restrictions laid out by governments around the world to try to limit the exponential spread of Covid-19.

Formula 1 fans around the world were looking forward to the start of the new season, with the first Grand Prix set to start over this past weekend with the main race on Sunday 15 March 2020 but, disappointingly, the entire Grand Prix was cancelled due to the new restriction of limiting the number of people allowed at events. Moreso, McLaren pulled out until further notice after one of their employee's tests positive for the Covid-19 Coronavirus, as well as a Formula 1 Pirelli team member who also tested positive.

Formula 1 CEO and chairman, Chase Carey, has publically posted a letter of apology to all Formula 1 fans. Here is what he has to say in relation to the interruptions the Covid-19 Coronavirus has caused Formula 1 in the past few weeks:


Dear F1 Fans,

We wanted to provide some thoughts and perspectives from last week as we address the coronavirus pandemic.

First and foremost, our priority is the health and safety of the fans, teams, and organisations of Formula 1, as well as wider society.

We apologise to those fans affected by the cancellation in Australia, as well as the postponement of the other races to date. These decisions are being made by Formula 1, the FIA, and our local promoters in rapidly changing and evolving circumstances, but we believe they are the right and necessary ones. We also want to extend our thoughts to those already affected, including those in the Formula 1 family.

We recognise everyone wants to know what comes next for Formula 1 in 2020. We cannot provide specific answers today given the fluidity of the situation. However, we plan to get the 2020 Championship season underway as soon as it’s safe to do so. We are engaging with experts and officials on a daily basis as we evaluate how we go forward in the next few months. We will keep you updated and provide details as soon as possible on formula1.com.

We are grateful for your support and understanding and we wish you and your families all the best.



Furthermore, many other major motorsports have also been largely affected by Covid-19 and will most likely be either postponed or cancelled due to the spreading pandemic.

Other race events that have been affected – including Formula 1 – are Formula E, Motor GP, Formula Drift and Nascar (to name, but a few).

Locally, many car meets and events have been completely cancelled until further notice, again due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

Motorsport and automotive influencers have taken to the internet to also spread awareness about covid-19. Take a look at the video below by Mighty Car Mods on their second YouTube channel, MCM Unicorn Circuit, as they interview an expert on the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

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