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F1 drivers are subject to precision non-strop racing for up to two hours at a time all over the world and most of the time are racing in incredibly hot temperatures which is not only got to do with the average day temperature but also due to the fact that they are essentially strapped to an engine that revs up to 12,000 PRM and in doing so they are also mummified in 3-layer thick FIA approved clothing from head to toe, not to mention their helmet that is also pretty well insulated!

So how is it that the drivers are able to keep cool in these conditions?

Well, as it stands, there are a number of methods race teams keep their drivers cool enough to work well under these conditions which prove to be of utmost importance as a driver suffering a blackout in the middle of a Grand Prix as a result of heatstroke is a worst-case scenario for the FIA.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: WTF1 on How Do F1 Drivers Stay Cool In Really Hot Temperatures?

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