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The BMW M3 CSL is nothing short of a legend. But how does it compare to modern M cars of today, 17 years later?

The BMW M3 CSL made its debut in 2004, and the reviews soon thereafter clearly showed that the exclusive M3 was far ahead of its time. Even today, just shy of 17 years later, it still proves to be a rival to modern BMW M cars, but how well do they compare in terms of price, performance and reputation?

Even though the BMW M3 CSL is nearly two decades old, it is still relatively modern and therefore had some rather impressive tech. The BMW M3 CSL featured a rather large displacement engine of 3.2 litres, with the usual six-cylinders and a double overhead camshaft, and the engineers opted to have their flagship performance model naturally-aspirated. The power is transferred to an SMG gearbox, which they considered to be an automated manual gearbox, and was only available in this.

But the question is, how does the 2004 M3 CSL compare to a modern-day BMW M car? YouTube channel, Evolve Automotive, put this to the test practically, with a side by side comparison between the BMW M3 CSL and the BMW M2.

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