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Electric vehicles, although they serve the same purpose, are very different to internal combustion cars in the sense that they are far heavier thanks to the batteries, need to salvage any method of efficiency to make them worthwhile, have instant torque and make hardly any noise.

Because of all of these different factors, drivers get a far greater sense of tyre performance, and because of the instant torque factor, electric vehicle tyres need to be more durable as well. EV tyres are therefore designed to withstand a far heavier payload than traditional tyres at the same profile and tyre size and still offer the same safety ratings. They have to also be designed to produce far less road noise as well as there is no engine to overpower the road and tyre sounds.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Tyre Reviews on What Makes EV Tyres Different, And Why You Should Fit Them!

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