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Have you ever wondered how many types of car doors there are? Well, let's break it down.

The way you enter and exit a vehicle doesn't even cross most people's minds, as long as you can! But the type of doors you have on your car is more of a status symbol than anything else. Some carmakers are associated with certain types of car doors, even though they are not exclusively patented by them. Think Lamborghini with scissor doors, some times referred to as Lambo doors, or suicide doors from Rolls Royce.

Take a look at these insane door designs:

1) Scissor Doors: Probably the most popular exclusive door type are the scissor doors, which get their name from the sharp up and down motion that resembles a pair of scissors.

2) Suicide Doors: Suicide doors have been around since the early 1920s and are doors that open backwards, or opposite, to that of a regular car door. They get their name from being incredibly dangerous to open while driving at speed. Although that sounds dangerous regardless...

3) Gullwing Doors: Gullwing doors get their name from the fact that when they open they resemble a seagull with its wings open. Well, that might be true. Although gullwing doors are arguably the easiest to get in and out of, they do take up an unnecessary amount of space to do so. Tesla seemed to have solved this issue with their Model X, whose gullwing doors open up and hinge inwards.

4) Koenigsegg Doors: This is a type of car door only found on a Koenigsegg, hence the name. They share a similar style to a scissor door but, instead of going straight up, they first go out from the car body, move forward and then swivel up on a flat axis, which lowers the maximum height they require to fully open.

5) Butterfly Doors: Butterfly doors have proven to be a very popular choice in modern-day supercars and hypercars. They are part scissor and part gullwing, making it far easier to enter and exit, and they look spectacular while doing it.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Ideal Media, on A Very Serious Guide About Car Doors.

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