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During yet another of one of TopGear's infamous challenges, the trio embarked on a journey in Ukraine, 100 Miles away from the Chernobyl exclusion zone, where they each got their cars filled with exactly 23 litres of fuel, the idea was to drive as uneconomically as possible to ensure they run out before reaching the highly radioactive wasteland. But Clarkson, in the Volkswagen Up!, managed to get the best mileage that lead him to the heart of Chernobyl.

But just how much danger was Clarkson in?

As it turns out, it is actually very hard to say as we (as the viewers) only get a small impression of where and how long they were in the exclusion zone for as each radius interval from Reactor Number 4 shows different levels of radiation.

Although the land around Chernobyl has been rendered uninhabitable for the next 20,000 years, it is quite safe to travel around the area under supervision and for a relatively short amount of time.

The time Clarkson and the crew spent in the area exposed them to less radiation than a long haul international flight. The biggest danger around Chernobyl is not exclusively the higher levels of radiation, but rather unsafe building structures that have been deserted for over 30 years.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: TopGear on Running Out Of Petrol In The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Challenge - TopGear

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