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The racing line is the optimal path around a racetrack. Racing drivers use it to lengthen the radius of a turn to ensure that minimal time and momentum is lost through a corner.

The optimal racing line is broken up into four factors:

  • The Braking point
  • The Turn-In Point
  • The Apex
  • And The Exit Point (The position and direction of the next corner)

The braking point may change from car-to-car, depending on braking performance and downforce, and is also decided depending on the angle of the corner. An early braking point will ensure a faster exit point, and a later braking point will ensure more speed on approach to the corner, but a later exit point.

The turn-in point plays a vital role in taking a corner in racing. Get it wrong, and you could overshoot the apex and lose time in the process.

The Apex point is where the car is closest to the inside of the corner. Hitting the apex optimally will ensure that the least amount of momentum will be lost between the turn-in point and exit point.

Lastly, the exit point is determined by a number of factors, this includes the shape of the specific corner as well as the next corner approaching. After hitting the apex, you want to maintain the least amount of steering angle whilst accelerating out of the turn to optimally increase speed.

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