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We do love hydro-dipping, so join us as we watch a Honda valve cover receive a zombie comic to give it, ahem, new life.

As a petrolhead, you've likely seen a hydro-dipped valve cover, but have you ever seen the process? Well, we're here to put that right as we join Goofy Built Shane from GARAGE IdiotS as he goes through the process of dipping a Honda valve cover in a zombie comic.

It's not a complicated process, but it takes time, and you do need a few skills. Fortunately, Shane has them and is happy to share the method with us.

First, he needs to prepare some space, then it's time for a deep clean which includes getting rid of the original coating, then scrubbing and degreasing in a mix of dishwashing liquid before baking in the oven for 15-minutes to evaporate the last of the unwanted gunk.

Then it's time for the primer, making sure to get an even spray all around. Once it's dry, Shane then exposes the Honda lettering and logo by sanding away the fresh primer. Once he's done, it's time for a clear coat, and then a few coats of red paint.

Once the paint is dry, the zombie graphic is placed on the surface of the hydro dip, and an activator solution is sprayed over it. Now it's time to dip the valve cover gently onto the film and submerged in the solution.

24-hours later and it's dry. The lettering gets another sanding down to expose the metal underneath and, finally, a few coats of clear coat give it a shiny finish.

And there you go, a custom zombie graphic valve cover. Epic!

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