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In January of 2023, the world lost a motoring icon when Ken Block was tragically killed in a snowmobile accident. Being one of the first real YouTube celebrities means that for over 15 years motoring and motorsport fanatics were a part of his life, getting to know him through all the content uploaded across all the different social media platforms. Many took his death harder than if a relative died, that’s how much of a presence the man had. Since the accident, we’ve seen the much-loved Hoonigan brand slowly fall apart, but that was sadly bound to happen when the person who headed things up and was the glue that kept everything together is gone. Ken was involved in many charities, and even after his death, this has carried on through the 43 Institute. Some of his belongings have been auctioned off to benefit the charity and also his family. Not too long ago we spotted his amazing 2009 Ford F-150 Raptor SuperCab up for sale. The Raptor received a ridiculous amount of modifications, most notably the fitment of a 6.2-litre V8 and that awesome Mattracks 105M1-A1 setup that allowed the truck to travel pretty much anywhere you pointed the steering wheel. The Ford F-150 RaptorTrax was listed for roughly R3,600,000. While most Ken BLock fans would bite their mother in the face for the truck, the price tag meant that it would only be available to the biggest and wealthiest of fans. To further benefit the charity foundation in Ken’s name, the Block family have put various items that belonged to Ken up for sale. There’s a large number of things listed, and being smaller personal items as well as car parts from some of his most iconic rides, the items are within reach of regular people. Well, they started that way, but with the number of people interested in the listings, some things are going to fetch good money for the charity foundation.

Instead of being listed on one of the various motoring-related auction websites, all the Ken Block items have been listed on eBay, which gives access to the items and bidding to fans all across the world. There are 31 items listed, and they range from simple promo cards that can be had for around R500 so far (minus shipping and taxes), but with just over a week of bidding left, that price could rise a fair bit. Also listed is a bunch of damaged parts from some of his cars used in the Gymkhana series of videos like wheels, a bumper and some mechanical parts that failed after some hard driving during the filming. You can have the sequential transmission gears from Hoonicorn V1 that were damaged in Gymkhana SEVEN for R7,552, a bent Fifteen52 Tarmac R43 wheel that was damaged during Gymkhana TEN filming for R11,562, and a custom Rotiform wheel that was used on the Audi S1 Hoonitron during the filing of Electrikhana and Electrikhana Two for R12,308. One of the items listed that we’d love to own and mount on a workshop or office wall is the damaged front bumper from Ken’s Ford Fiesta RS WRC car campaigned in the 2015 race season, but it’s pricey at R30,173. Another item we like is even better as it’s a race suit that Ken actually wore and that adds to the provenance of the suit. It’s also not cheap, as expected. The Alpinestars race suit is from the 2016 race season and it features a Felipe Pantone art pattern. The suit is listed for R37,297, but that will surely skyrocket as the bidding draws to a close. Shipping for a suit isn’t bad, it’s estimated at around R1,900. If you want one of the wheels, the shipping estimates are higher than the selling price, shipping on the Fifteen52 wheel from Gymkhana TEN is listed at R14,173 while the shipping is estimated at R37,000. Which items would you bid on?

Take a look at the YouTube video that was just released that showcases highlights of Ken Block's 15-year career of entertaining motorsport fanatics the world over. It's a two and a half hour epic, so make sure you have plenty spare time before you click play: [HOONIGAN] KEN BLOCK'S GYMKHANA ANTHOLOGY: 15 Years of Automotive Action Film Excellence | Hoonigan

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