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Check out the latest news released by the folks at Automobili Lamborghini. We usually see information about new models and new technology that the Italian automaker has been working on and with, but this update doesn’t really have anything to do with all of that, instead, it’s about the company’s identity. Lamborghini has just given their iconic angry bull logo a sleek makeover, for the first time in more than two decades. The bull in motion is an instantly recognisable emblem, and bulls have been a part of the brand ever since. For those who don’t know, the fighting bull was chosen as the logo because the company’s founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini was born on the 28 April which means he was born under the Taurus star sign. Taurus is Latin for bull, so that makes perfect sense. The bull theme continued, even being used to name some iconic Lamborghini models like the Murciélago. The name means ‘bat’ in Spanish, but besides that, it is believed to be the name of a famous bull that survived a fight in one of those infamous bullfighting arenas. The surviving bull was believed to have been given to well-known bull-breeder Don Antonio Miura who used Murciélago to produce his Miura bulls. So in that little unproven story, we have the names of two iconic Lamborghinis, Murciélago and Muira. It may or may not be made up, but it certainly tracks. The Raging Bull logo has had very few reworks over the years, and as said, this current change took a good 20 years to happen. The new look is all about embracing their core values of being bold, unexpected, and authentic, perfectly reflecting Lamborghini’s mission of "Driving Humans Beyond".

This revamp of the legendary logo and corporate identity is part of the Italian company’s broader transformation journey called Direzione Cor Tauri, which focuses on sustainability and decarbonization. It's not just about cars; it's about setting a new standard for innovation and sustainable progress. From the logo to the corporate culture, everything is getting a fresh new vibe. This new logo features a bolder typeface and minimalist yet striking colours - black, white, and a pop of yellow and gold. One of the main changes is that the iconic bull in the logo now stands alone without that shield-shaped border, making it even more prominent across all their digital platforms and on official letterheads and documents. The company also rolled out a new Lamborghini typeface that has been inspired by the sharp lines of their cars, along with a set of cool new icons designed in collaboration with Lamborghini Centro Stile. This revamped logo shows Automobili Lamborghini is gearing up for the future, showing their commitment to innovation and determination. It's not just a logo change; it's a whole new chapter for the brand. We can’t help but wonder if current Lamborghini owners will try and get a set of new logos to retrofit onto their current car/s. It happens with most other brands, so it may just happen. That said, with the way these chaps roll, they might just buy a whole new Lamborghini because that’s the best way to buy a new set of badges - while they’re attached to a new Revuelto.

Take a look at the YouTube video, albeit ridiculously short, that shows off the Italian automaker's new logo redesign, the first seen in 20 years. As is usually the case with such high-profile corporate rebranding, the change is just enough to make it different but it retains enough of the original design so that the logo will still be instantly recognisable: Automobili Lamborghini – Our new brand identity | Lamborghini

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