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So you're mad about all things drifting, and have seen your favourite drivers rip up that massive hand brake that sits almost as high as the sun visors. Now you want one too for your street car, but is it actually worth it?

Installing a hydro e-brake, or hydraulic hand brake, doesn't necessarily have to replace the factory setup as they serve two different purposes. Your factory setup only needs to lock the wheels when the car is not in motion, so not much force is needed. Hydro e-brakes, on the other hand, are designed for locking up the wheels with ease, regardless of the car's speed. On most setups, the master cylinder produces pressure when the lever is pulled, instantly locking up the rear wheels. This is done by having two sets of calipers on the rear wheels, one for your standard braking factory setup, and new ones for the hydro e-brake.

So is it worth it? If you are building your car with the intention of doing some mad skids, then for sure! But, if you're just after the look it gives you, then you are going to sacrifice comfort. Plus, you'll permanently ruin the interior of your car as the install requires drilling directly into the centre console.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Cameron Alford, on the 350Z Hydro Brake Install! (Hydraulic Hand Brake/E-Brake w/ Dual Caliper).

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