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Getting your car sideways takes a few things, and a greater steering angle kit is a great mod. Or is it?

So you wanna be a drifter, have all that sweet JDM love all up in your whip and impress the ladies? Well, unfortunately, there is a lot more to drifting than what you see online. You have to have a car setup that is suited to the abuse of drifting and, with that, there are some mods that might help you control your car in an uncontrolled state.

Today we're talking angle kits and if they are worth it.

An angle kit allows the wheels to turn more from lock to lock of the steering wheel which allows for more control and flexibility when drifting.

A stock car has around 30 degrees of wheel angle from the factory. Installing a kit will increase this angle, which is most definitely beneficial to drift cars. But do you really need it?

Technically, no, it is complete overkill in most cases. You have to take into consideration where you're going to be drifting, if it is on a skidpan or a large track then your stock setup will be more than sufficient. But, increasing your angle with a kit helps in the case where you are competing on more intricate tracks, and need more control and flexibility, usually in competitive drifting.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Donut Media, on Is An Angle Kit Worth It?

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