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There’s plenty of celebrities with ridiculous amounts of money in the bank, and they spend their millions and millions on all sorts of cool things, but the celebs we love the most here at SXdrv are the ones who use their fortunes to create a car collection. It’s hard to imagine having access to supid amounts of money and not using it to stockpile the coolest classics and supercars available, like what else would you spend the money on? Out of the celebs with amazing car collections, there’s one name that stands out from the rest by a country mile - Jay Leno. Jay has been a part of the entertainment industry for so long that your dad and his dad may even know about him, and when he eventually stepped down from his uber-popular talk and variety show, many expected him to fade away from the public eye.

If he was a regular kind of guy, that may well have been the case, but his car collection became so well-known and there was so much interest in what exactly he had stored in his purpose-built warehouse that he was able to create a whole YouTube series aimed solely at his collection. This morphed a bit from simply showing off the amazing things to Jay actually reviewing cars that were brought to him to have a look at. With the kinds of cars and bikes Jay has owned and driven, his driving impressions and feedback is quite valuable to those interested in the things he reviews. Just like in this case, Jay Leno doesn’t actually own the 2022 Lamborghini Huracan STO, it was delivered for him to test and review by Andrea Baldi, the CEO of Lamborghini America. That shows you just how respected Jay Leno is, the Huracan STO wasn’t simply delivered by a driver, the top dog of Lamborghini did the deed himself. That alone tells you something.
When you watch the video below, you’ll also notice that Leno is very well versed in car speak, he knows all about the manufacturing processes of the cars from classic to modern and he has enough fact and figures in his head that ha can properly compare what the Huracan STO offers over its rivals and how it differs from the other Huracans available. It’s clear that the brand impressed Jay a lot, we’d be surprised if something with an STO badge makes it into his collection.

All the cars taken to be seen by Jay Leno also undergo a real world road test, and it was no different from this Huracan STO. This is where that sublime V10 purrs while trundling along at legal urban speeds, but screams when the tachometer hits over 8 000rpm to unleash all 470kw (630hp) and 565Nm of torque. All-in-all, Jay Leno does a pretty comprehensive review of the cars he’s given access to, which is likely why he has 3.32 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. 

Take a look at the YouTube video about the bonkers Lamborghini Huracan STO below: 2022 Lamborghini Huracán STO | Jay Leno's Garage.

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