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We've all grown accustomed to Nitrous Oxide (NOS), whether it be from your favourite movie to playing your favourite video game, but, in the real world, how much of a role does this relatively simple modification play? Let's see.

Nitrous Oxide (NOS) is a gas that has multiple uses and has been around for a long time. It's made up of two parts nitrogen and one part oxygen. It is more commonly known as laughing gas, and was first used in the 1800s for medical purposes, such as dentistry, and is still used today as an anaesthetic.

In World War II, NOS was used to boost plane engines, and a couple of decades later, in racecars too. NOS is a popular choice among car enthusiasts and racing because of how relatively inexpensive it is in comparison to other modifications that will deliver the same amount of horsepower.

Combustion engines need two fundamental ingredients in order to work. Fuel and oxygen. Nitrous Oxide, however, has more oxygen in its molecular structure than the atmosphere, so when you add fuel to it, more power!

I still remember chatting to my car mates back in the early 2000s, the coolest modification you could possibly do was have a couple of Nitrous bottles in your ride but, in later years, this trend has seemed to have died off. One of the main reasons could be that car culture has diversified into different categories, and some of those wouldn't involve many engine and performance modifications, such as a large section of your stance and sound scenes for instance. 

In saying that, though, most of those cars are fully street legal and, for the most part, Nitrous Oxide is not. NOS is mainly popular amongst racing, specifically drag racing.

Have you ever wondered how to install a shot of Nitrous Oxide? Have a look at the video below by Mighty Car Mods and see how simple the installation is and how many gains you get. Are you a Nitrous Oxide fan? Let us know your thoughts and comments.


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