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This is a question that many a petrolhead has asked, how much nitrous can a stock engine take, a 305ci Chevy Small Block in this case.

The dudes at MotorTrend have given us a really informative video on nitrous, or NOS if you prefer. Many of us either have or would like to install nitrous on our cabbies, but there's more to it than just bolting a gas bottle down and running a pipe to the motor.

In this demonstration, they show us how installation works, and give us a rundown of what to expect from the system. But what is a good explanation without a practical example to go with it. That's why they decided to see just how much nitrous a stock 305ci Chevy Small Block can take.

The first run, to establish a base, reveals the stock motor to be pushing out 323Nm of torque and 258 horsepower. Pretty impressive in itself. What happens when they add a 150 nitrous shot? 537 horsepower. And a 250 shot? A whopping 571Nm and 620 horsepower!

And when they crank the nitrous up to full power? A blown head gasket and destroyed pistons. How surprising! But, this is an excellent video to teach you the correct way to install and set up a nitrous system, so go ahead and press play on the video below.

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