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Date: 2017-10-30

The Toyota Wonder–capsule 2

The Toyota Wonder–capsule 3

The Toyota Wonder–capsule 4

The future concept of this Wonder–Capsule car at the Tokyo 2017 Motor show. It really does look like a pimped out two–seater golf cart. It is about the size of a Smart car at only 2.5m long and 1.3m wide and is so small that the front windshield had to be placed vertically!

There is no dashboard so all the information such as the speedometer is displayed digitally on the windshield. The inside of the car is lined with fluorescent material that glows in the dark and the wheels light up when the car is turned on. The boot has been redesigned to a small compartment behind the passenger seat.

As the driver sits in the seat, the car will gather information about the height and dimensions and adjust the seat the steering wheel accordingly. However, this car was designed for the purpose of being used as hired cars and car–share. 

While it looks very cute, I highly doubt this moving disco golf cart will be making a huge appearance on the road. Although it would be pretty cool to see all of the luminous colors whizzing by!

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