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In the world of hypercars, the battle was all about power, who had the most and how they got it but these days with advances in fuel and technologies, making the numbers has sort of become the easy part. Limited production cars that claim up top and over 1 000 hp used to me few and far between, but a quick Google search will reveal more than a handful. The main trick these days is to properly get that power transferred to the tarmac so that record performance figures can be reached. The main target for many of these bespoke automakers is top speed, or being the one to own the title of the fastest production car on the planet. Back in October 2020 the now famous Tuatara built by Shelby Supercars (SSC) went out to do some testing and after a day in on the track the company announced that they had decimated the previous record held with a measured top speed of 331.15 mph, and a two-way average speed of 316.11 mph. A video of the run and all the data was posted for all to see, which was both awesome and a mistake.

The internet is a beautiful, funny and ridiculous place. Top speed fanatics, and those with mathematical prowess took a close look at the video and using the data provided, came to the conclusion that the record was not broken, in fact the SSC Tuatara was not even close to the claims. Shortly after this happened, in an attempt to save face, the crew took the car out to try again and only clocked an average of 282.9 mph on two runs. SSC was keen to try a third time but had to postp[one after the car was damaged in transit. This lead to a statement issued via their Instagram account on 21 July 2021: “We have seen your questions for months now and understand your frustrations. If it hasn’t been made clear up to this point, we would like to acknowledge officially that we did not reach the originally claimed speeds of 331 mph or even 301 mph in October of 2020. We were truly heartbroken as a company to learn that we did not reach this feat, and we are in an ongoing effort to break the 300 mph barrier transparently, officially, and undoubtedly. We also want to thank all of those who were supportive and understanding of our unexpected incident in April that has delayed our top speed efforts.”

This time round at the Johnny Bohmer Proving Grounds at Space Florida’s LLF Kennedy Space Center, the Tuatara fared well. Well known hypercar collector Larry Caplin took his own SSC Tuatara out to test and with a Racelogic VBox and a Life Racing GPS setup recorded an impressive top speed of 295 mph on the 2.3 mile runway. It’s not the 300 mph the crew wanted, but it’s no mean feat getting that close. It was an impressive session, we can’t wait to see the next time they attempt to dethrone the few hypercars that have posted faster speeds so far.

Take a look at the YouTube video that depicts the American-built hypercar laying down the law by using it's almost 1900 hp to take the SSC Tuatara to a measured top speed that's a mind-blowing 5 mph short of 300 mph! : SSC Tuatara Hits 295 mph in 2.3 Miles
| SSC Tuatara

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