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Some people should not be allowed to drive. Here are some terrible driving fails of 2020 so far.

Vehicle accidents are not fun, but watching videos like these can help us be aware of what other people get up to on the road. No matter how good a driver you are, unfortunately, there is someone out there who is either not paying attention or shouldn't actually be on the road.

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable, you're simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, especially when it something like a truck that blows out a tyre, or a tree falls across the road in a storm.

Other times, though, it could be a learner driver or someone who's climbed behind the wheel intoxicated. Sometimes it's just an idiot who's driving to fast or a teenager on texting on their phone.

Regardless, it's always important to stay observant, behave yourself and don't be stupid.

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