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What better way to spend a lazy Sunday than watching other people fail... 

This compilation takes us from unlucky professionals on the race track to the douchebag showing off in his local hood. From a poseur doing donuts around a traffic circle to a drifter losing a wheel during a race, there's one common threat to this Fails video, it all ends in tears and crunched cars.

We tend to feel sorry for the guys working hard to take home gold at events and races. They put in the time to make their cars the best they can be but, sometimes luck just isn't on their side.

And then you get the plonkers who thoroughly deserve to have us laugh our butts off at them. You know the guy, he's the one doing burnouts in a parking lot, or is too cool for school in his expensive supercar – pity they didn't actually go to driving school!

Check out the video below and have a good old giggle.

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