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It must be only in car culture that, sometimes, the end of the show is more exciting than the show itself!

If you're a fan of those iconic JDM cars from around the 90s – and you know what we're talking about – Supra MK IV's, Skyline GTR R32s, R33s and R34s, Nissan 350Z's, Haaaaanda Civic Type R's, the list goes on!

Usually, at a civilised car meet, you get to see some of your favourite cars, usually modified, up close and in person. But it's only when people leave that you get to get a sense of how the cars sound, and a taste of their performance as well.

Well, sit back and relax, and treat your earholes to the symphonies of some of the world's best JDM car sounds in this video compilation below...

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Adam C3046, on Japanese Cars Leaving A Car Show - AWD Sends!

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