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Some classic British sports cars have a reputation for being rather pleasing on the eye but have terrible reliability, and so we usually see them being built up with more modern engines and drivetrains. One popular car is the MG, there are a few versions that aren’t ridiculously rare but they have all the looks and chrome that a much more expensive and rare car from the same era would have. They were manufactured from 1962 up until 1980 and there are a few models; the MGB, the GT, the MGC, and the RV. The MGB is the most popular one we see being restored, but this one done by Ekstensive MetalWorks for super-likeable celeb and car guy, John Cena, is the MGC from 1969. In original trim, this version of the MG saw fitment of a twin carburettor-fed straight-six that produced all of 145 hp (108 kW) which was sent to the rear wheels via a 3-speed auto. It was still good for a 0-100 dash of 10-seconds dead with its top speed up at a healthy (for 1969) 120 mph (193 km/h). John’s is a little stronger than that now…

Cena's restomod of this popular British classic is pretty much perfection, the quality of the build is second to none and it seems that all the bits and pieces that usually give the car its reliability issues have been replaced with the best bits from America to make this MBC a mix of the best of both countries. A Sebring body kit was added and it features some nice fat arches to properly house the modified wheels that are in a wide and narrow fitment, or should we say a wide and wider fitment. The car has been finished in a svelte grey colour reminiscent of, as John says, the Gulf livery colours. The car is an instant head-turner, and judging by John’s initial reaction he’s quite the fan.

JC: “This is the best MG I’ve ever seen!”

Builder: “You’re not acting right now are you?”

JC: “No, I’m floored. I’m floored. I’m not that good, have you seen my stuff?

One of the most important things for Cena was that the MGC kept the original bulges in the bonnet, it’s the only telltale sign that the car is an MGC and not an MGB, so it was an important part of the car’s identity. Under the hood we find a built 6.2-litre V8 from Chevrolet that’s been tailored to have a set of eight stacked trumpets that not only give the modern motor a much more classic and era-specific look and feel, it also manages to add in a soundtrack that’s hard to beat. I guess over 600 hp will do that. This is an amazing build in every way, and it’s also a great indication of the things to come on the Texas Metal series.

Take a look at the YouTube video of John Cena's restomodded MG. The quality of work is outstanding which is why it's a feature on the Texas Metal series by MorotTrend+: John Cena's MG Revealed | Texas Metal | MotorTrend Channel

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