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Kirsty and her vicously sexy counterpart, the 69' Camaro SS are definitely natural born killers and we don't mean in the literal sense.

They both really kill it in the seductive department, with Kirsty O'Connell simply oozing sex appeal and the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS exuding brutal force. This 69' Camaro might be a real American Psycho, but even psychos have their weaknesses, in this case it's Kirsty and she clearly knows how to handle this car's Big Block!

Models specs

Name/Model: Kirsty O'Connell
Nickname: Most people don't know that Kirsty is actually my nickname, my full name is Kirsten but no one calls me that... Except my mom when I've been naughty! :')
Age: I'm 19. :)
Home town: Johannesburg.
Nationality: South African
Bra size: 32D
Height: 173cm

Car Specs

Model: 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS
Power: 450kW
Engine: Stroked 502CI Big Block Chevy motor, Edelbrock hooked headers, Edelbrock carburetor, Edelbrock air cleaner
Gearbox: 5 Speed Tremec manual gearbox
Exterior: Custom rear vented and flared arches
Interior: Billet steering wheel, Custom seats, Retrimmed interior
Wheels: 20” Work Rezax 2 piece split wheel
Brakes: BMW M5 brakes all around
Tuning Shop: Creative Rides


Q: What do you like most about the car you modelled with?  
A: The scarcity. You (unfortunately) don't see many cars like this on the road, so I loved the fact that I got to model with a car that's so timeless and unique. And it's just my taste in cars; I'd take a classic over a new car any day!

Q: In 3 words or more describe how the car felt to sit in wearing only your bikini / lingerie? 
A: Intimate, luxurious, invigorating.

Q: What is your dream car? 
A: A 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom. 

Q: Do you prefer manual or auto cars?  
A: Definitely manual, with the exception of sitting in traffic after a workout! :

Q: If it was an apocalypse and you were the last woman left on earth, which 3 cars would you steal first? 
A: A 1925 Rolls-Royce Phantom, a Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II and a Bentley Mulsanne. I have expensive taste, can you tell? 

Q: What kind of car do you drive? 
A: A Kia Picanto. 

Q: Do you have a name for your car? 
A: I just got it so not yet.  Any suggestions? 

Q: Is it true that a man treats his woman like he treats his car? 
A: I think some men certainly do, but I do think a woman should always be treated better than an object! 

Q: Do you know how to change a tyre? 
A: Of course, although I haven't yet had to! 

Q: What is currently in the boot of your car? 
A: Jumper cables, spare wheel, a jacket and ballet shoes. Yes my ballet shoes are as essential to me as a spare wheel is! 

Q: Who are better drivers, Men or Woman? 
A: Sorry ladies, we all know it's the boys! 

Q: If you were forced to choose between a car, a horse, or a bike, which one would you take? 
A: Definitely a car, but it would of course depend on the situation!

Q: If you were to choose one body part to sell to own your dream car, which part would it be? 
A: If anyone would be willing to buy my love handles, consider them sold! 

Q: What are you wearing right now? 
A: Gym clothes- yoga pants and a vest. 

Q: Are you single? 
A: No, I'm happily taken. 

Q: Have you ever had sex in a car? 
A: A lady never kisses and tells! 

Q: If no to above, do you plan to?
No, comment!

Q: Other than a hot car, what else do you consider a turn on in a man? 
A: Intelligence- there is nothing sexier than a smart man, a good sense of humor and a man who knows how to treat his lady like a princess.

Q: Does size really matter? 
A: Who wouldn't choose a Big Mac over a kiddies meal? 

Q: Have you ever tried sucking someone’s pinky toe while making out? 
A: Ew... Ew, ew, ew! 

Q: Have you ever done a striptease? 
A: Depends what my cats consider a striptease. 

Q: What is the strangest thing a random person has done to you while driving? 
A: My little brother dared me to drive over his foot, boys.... 







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