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Date: 2019-05-16

It's time to learn something useful with us today, here's how to restore a cracked dashboard.

Anyone with an old car feels the pain of climbing behind the wheel and being faced with the horrific sight of a cracked dashboard. The issue most people have is that they simply don't know how to fix this issue and resort to either buying sending it off to someone else to do, buying a new one, or getting a fuzzy, Trolls-style dash cover to hide their shame.

So, if any of you have watched our own shows, you may be aware that very few of us here at SXdrv are any good at these types of things. That's why we scour the internet to find the guys who actually know what they're doing and then share their solutions with you.

This time, we're joining the dudes at throtl on YouTube as they take a crappy, cracked navy blue dashboard and turn it into a black, suede masterpiece with a new lease on life.

Click play, see how it gets done and, who knows, maybe it's something you can do yourself.

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